Apply on any site, anywhere

With Agile Shopping System you can turn every website into an e-commerce online store. You can sell as many products you wish even on a single page.

Install on one server,
use on many affiliate sites

Agile Shopping System can be used simultaneously on different domains allowing you to run many affiliate e-commerce websites using one single control panel to manage data and maintain settings.

Complete platform

Agile Shopping System will add a fully operational shopping cart to your website - from the "Add to cart" buttons to all steps in the checkout process (customer data, delivery information, and payments), and it will also give you access to manage all customers, orders and settings in a single and easy to use control panel.

Easy installation

When you buy a license for the Agile Shopping System, you will receive a self-installation pack. You will only need to unpack the archive on a web hosting server and run a self-installation script, which will create all database tables and set up everything you need to have the system up and running.

Code generator for products

With Agile Shopping System you do not need to understand or write HTML. There is a module in the control panel where you can set up your product preferences and the snippet code will be automatically generated for easy copy-paste usage.

Add small code snippets

With Agile Shopping System there is no need to change the layout or redevelop your entire website. You can create many "Add to cart" buttons anywhere on any page of the website by pasting a few lines of simple HTML code.

Delivery, Discount, Taxes

Agile Shopping System has everything you would need for your e-commerce website. You can create product discounts and apply discount codes. You can create delivery services and add shipping taxes based on product weight. You can also add state taxes based on the customer billing data.

Commissions / Affiliates

With Agile Shopping System you can have other people (agents) selling your products on their own websites. Every agent can have his/her own access to the control panel for managing customers and orders information and receiving reports. Every website can generate revenue with each order based on defined commission.

Online payment

The checkout process in Agile Shopping System allows customers to choose between the built-in online payment methods using Authorize.net and PayPal, or to pay on delivery.

Retrieve user agent info

With Agile Shopping System you will be able to provide the best service and customer support using a special module for tracing and analyzing customers actions. Every time a customer has a problem or a question you can open his/her session data and see what has really happened.

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